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Welcome to our site. Motown Bulldogs is dedicated to the
health, confirmation, and betterment of the English Bulldog
breed standard. Our dogs are first and foremost, our loving
companions. We do confirmation training with our dogs and
our dogs are very active in the show ring. We do on
occasion have puppies and offer Champion stud service to
approved females only. We have also started a monthly
bulldog meet-up, so if you are a fellow bulldogger then
email us and we will provide you with more information.
Click the link in the left corner of the page to view pictures
from our past meet-ups.

We have always admired the Bulldog breed.  Upon the
adoption of our first Bulldog Cosmo, we fell instantly for
his sweet temperament and loyal nature. He was the first
dog that we took to conformation classes and inspired us to
participate in various dog shows. Going to the dog shows
became a fun hobby for us, as well as, our dogs. After
finding a mentor and learning more about the breed
standard, we became interested in breeding. Our first litter
of 9 puppies was a success and we enjoy showing our
puppies in the ring.

Our puppies are hand raised by us in our home. We have a
limited number of litters a year and are very selective
about finding the perfect homes for our babies. We do not
ship our puppies.  Our puppies have all found homes in
nearby cities and states. Several Bulldog lovers have made
the drive to our home in search of their ideal family
companion. Our puppies have found homes in Michigan,
Ohio, Illinois, New York, and Canada.    

Bulldogs are a one of a kind breed. If you have never
owned a bulldog and you are thinking about purchasing a
puppy, make sure you do plenty of research. Bulldogs are
known for having health issues that pertain to the breed’s
unique anatomy. For obvious reasons, owning a bulldog
takes strong commitment. They require a lot of attention
and can be financially taxing (see our owners guide for
more info).

Now that you are here, make sure you sign our guest book.
If you need to get in touch with us for any reason please
give us a call at 586.201.2522 or send us an email to
info@motownbulldogs.com. We are always available to brag
about our bullies or to answer any questions you may have.
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